Climbing and Outdoors Instructions


The intro to outdoor rock climbing trip is designed for first time climbers, beginners and for thous who wold like to transition from indoor gym climbing to the great outdoors

Skills covered:

  • Understand climbing gear: ( Harness, Helmet, Carabiners, Belay devices, Climbing shoes, chalk bag or Bucket, Rope, Nuts
  • Understanding climbing Knots
  • Climbing communication and commends
  • Learn how to belay climbers and catch a fall
  • Learn basic technique to climb natural rocks
  • Top rope ( Technics and safety )
  • How to Land on a Crash Pad
  • How to spot and prevent accidents on landing ( Bouldering Climbing )

What is included

  • Instruction by professional climbing guides
  • Equipment for Top Rope climbing
  • Chalk Bag
  • Belay Device
  • Harness
  • Helmet

What is not included

  • Rock climbing shoes ( rental available )
  • Personal climbing clothing
  • Transportation ( optional )
  • Meals / snacks
  • Mosquito repiland
  • Sun Block
  • Toiletries

Daily fee 3400 THB, ( this includes equipment but not transportation), Daily fee with your equipment: 2000 THB